Digital Poetry

Prose About Poetry

Bob’s “Otros” blog entries (with his analysis of Hopkins’ “Wreck of the Deutschland”) in handy PDF form.

Label-Defying Feats

The Long Path: a nonfiction novel or achronic blog by Bob Reeves

Poem Shuffler: a digital toy by ooloi (aka Sari)


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Everything on this page is free, but if you like what you read/hear and want to pay the poets, contributions are much appreciated. Payments are processed by Paypal (a Paypal account is not required).

Pay what you wish

Spoken Poetry

Complications CD cover


Poems by Sari Krosinsky
Some tracks NSFW (not safe for work) — especially “Locket”

Other Poems
Hush CD cover

Selections from Hush

Poems by Bob Reeves, Music by Mitch Rayes
Download Selections from Hush (85.4mb zip file containing 17 tracks, 44 minutes total in m4a format)

Selected Grade A Poems
Download Selected Grade A & B Poems (188.5mb zip file containing 136 tracks, 3 hours and 18 minutes total in mp3 format)

Other Poems

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