Author: Sari Krosinsky

Sari Krosinsky is a queer autistic writer. Ze has written three books of poetry, “Courting Hunger” (2015), “A God’s Life” (2015) and “god-chaser” (CW Books 2012) and co-authored a chapbook, “Yossele: a tale in poems” (2010), with Robert Arthur Reeves. Ze published Fickle Muses, an online journal of mythic poetry, fiction and art from 2007 to 2017. Ze received a B.A. in religious studies (2003) and an M.A. in creative writing (2006) from the University of New Mexico. Ze lives in Bremerton, WA, with zir partner, Reeves.

Three poems from my verse novel, “A God’s Life,” are in the first print edition of Big Pulp. Copies are available at Lulu. They’ll also be making a Kindle version available at Amazon. My poems in the issue are:

  • Baking with Jane
  • Lunch with JFK
  • Trespass