Grade A: Kitsch Construction, Regina, Jemez, 1968

Written in Albuquerque (Terrace SE), September 2005.  Published in my books If I Could Be the Stone and Wings of the Gray Moon.

Kitsch Construction, Regina, Jemez, 1968


October has that

juicy dawn cold

the mountains like to keep to themselves.

The aspens are flaring like a wick losing oil.

John quips to his brother

who’s not ramming the posthole digger

hard as he can

and who’s just come off his honeymoon,

“Too much pussy, Dave.”

“Too much work” Dave comes back.

“Not enough pussy.”

My arms are memorizing these plunges

for the first time

and already long to forget.

John’s burnt about having to get this done

with a soft city kid,

his lazyass sibling

and a fourth crew who hasn’t even shown yet,

who’ll shatter into the bunkhouse tonight

after the mountains are ink,

whiskeyed off the vertical,

and ask directions to whatever food I’ve got,

rummage thru PopTarts and scowl

“What is this shit.”

The aspens will expect me to quit in the morning.