A Fragment This Time

We proceed further back in time to the beginning of 1968.  I can remember all of this poem except the final verse.  I know there was one, & that it probably contained the word “opposites,” but that’s it.  The only thing that saves this from being a complete piece of shit is its deliciously clever rhyme scheme.  The content’s kinda Blakean, or intended as such.  I don’t have the title.


Without, within, the symbols spin

throughout the sky, until they spill

on Man, and cause his brain to pause

and start to kill.


The man steps down into the town

bearing a mighty case of steel,

the angry rod which faceless God

too cannot feel.


The casing speaks! the terror seeks

no more, but glories in the skin

of Heaven’s might.  To his delight

the brand is in.


So branded we are, you must see

that here-and-there must be our plight,

as new is old, as heat is cold,

as day is night.