A new oldie

Just discovered (rediscovered?) this video from Albuquerque’s OUTSpoken Queer Poetry Slam & Open Mic back in 2011. I’m reading “Without speaking” (text follows).

Without speaking

At my only rave, 20 minutes of throbbing sound
before I found a plush chair and slept ’til someone lipped
my ear and I woke to Peter’s Pan-ish grin and slept again
’til Chloe said my name and we went home.

Another night, working Peter’s Ouija board
for the chance to touch his hand, I asked it—
without speaking—if I loved. Asking
a Ouija board to tell me my own
mind. N-O, it spelled, then, C-H-L-O-E.

Peter told me about the language he invented, because
we young things didn’t have enough trouble
communicating in just one. Later in the parking lot,
I locked my mouth over his before he could exhale,
a smoky kiss full of tobacco and tongue.
Then he turned back up the hill to his place
and I down the valley to mine. He was always running away.

I eased the door open and padded to my bed, at right angles
to Chloe’s. In the morning, she’d be angry I didn’t call
to tell her where I’d been. If I kissed her, she’d run, too.

Tidbits and projects

Today (or whatever’s left of it when I stop procrastinating) is dedicated to going  through the couple notebooks I’ve been filling over the last 5 months and to typing up (and hopefully adding to) ideas for poems, games, interactive art,…

A poetry toy

I’ve been spending more time scripting than writing of late, but poetry is definitely in the mix. My just finished project shuffles poems — mostly a toy, but I’ll be using it to work on another poetry/scripting project. The screenshot below…

The Long Path to page 300

And now I’ve moved my ongoing Internet memoir-blog-thingy The Long Path onto this Website. If you’re interested in checking it out, the way in is here:  http://outerchildpoetry.com/THE%20LONG%20PATH.htm. Like this:Like Loading…

the Ladder poems

Third, copies of the two 365-line poems I wrote in 1995 and 2005, one line per day. (I’m not planning to do it again in 2015, by the way, but we’ll see.) http://outerchildpoetry.com/BL.htm http://outerchildpoetry.com/LL.htm   Like this:Like Loading…