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Robert Arthur Reeves

Grade A: Those Kisses

June 28, 2015

Written in Albuquerque (living on Gold SE with Sondra Tudor and teaching at the University of New Mexico), September 1985:  for Alex Bradley.  I thought this was an erotic poem till I read it to a vegetarian.  Published in my books Too Little to Kill and Wings of the Gray Moon, and in Conceptions Southwest.

Those Kisses


Now those kisses of hers

were each one like a plump little

roasted bird whose melting meat

you could tear with your teeth

off a parcel of stemlike bone.

You could smell them coming.

Otros: Carroll, Carver, Coleridge, Corso, Crane, cummings

June 19, 2015
Everybody knows Lewis Carroll’s “Jabberwocky.”  I’ve known people who hated or never read poetry to have it memorized.  Close your eyes and say it with…

Grade A: Adam Expelled

June 6, 2015
Adam Expelled Written in Port Townsend, Washington (living with my mother in a little house behind her friend Peg Lewis’s), September 1984.  This was my…

Otros: Birney, Bishop, Blake, Bunting

June 3, 2015
Earle Birney is as well-known and oft-anthologized in Canada as, say, Robert Frost is here.  His masterpiece is the 1940 poem “David,” a narrative in…

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Sari Krosinsky

Rearranging the Shelves

April 3, 2015

UPDATE, 2015/4/23: The book page is now set up with the changes. You can order "god-chaser," "Complications" and "Yossele" directly from me with payments processed by Paypal (no account required). You can still order all of Robert Arthur Reeves books except "Yossele" through Amazon, along with some journals featuring our poetry. Also check out the new digital poetry page for a free ebook of "Yossele" and free audio poetry from "Complications" and "Hush."

ORIGINAL MESSAGE: I’m taking “Yossele: a tale in poems” (chapbook) and “Complications” (CD) off of Amazon in a couple weeks, but don’t worry ;), you’ll still be able to get both through or in person.

Listen to a bit of last night's reading

February 27, 2015
A couple poems, one by Bob and one by me, from last night's Fixed & Free Poetry Reading. I'll add a few more another day.…

Live Poetry in February & March

February 21, 2015
We're breaking our quiet streak to come out for three poetry events this month and next: Bob and I double feature at Fixed & Free…

A new oldie

January 9, 2015
Just discovered (rediscovered?) this video from Albuquerque's OUTSpoken Queer Poetry Slam & Open Mic back in 2011. I'm reading "Without speaking" (text follows). Without…

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