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Robert Arthur Reeves

Grade A: Found in a Stack

May 28, 2015

Written in Taos, New Mexico (in front of the Harwood Arts Center), 1982 (May or June), during the annual Taos Aesthetics Institute Workshop.  My karma for this poem was to work at old folk’s homes for two years in 1984-85.  Published in my books Too Little to Kill and Wings of the Gray Moon.

Found in a Stack


I cannot write

the young green poems.

My poems are crannied

like the cheeks of old women

and sour like curds,

soggy like cigar butts in puddles.

They have forgotten

how to clean up

after they relieve themselves.

Their meter trembles and they have

recurrent shooting pains

in their imagery.

Pigeonbreasted they squat

on park benches, discussing

“the war” (which is always the war

before the one you think they mean).

I am waiting for them

to go off someplace and die, but

“We fed and clothed you

when you were coming up,” they grumble,

“now you’ve got to take care of us.”

Once they were hard

and took deliberate strides

with their chins thrust ahead of them.

I am sick of their whining

about the difficulty

of shuffling from line to line.

The late lamp gleams

on their bald freckled skulls

as I wake them for their midnight medicine.

There are times when they stare at me

without knowing who I am.

I cannot write

the young green poems.

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Sari Krosinsky

Rearranging the Shelves

April 3, 2015

UPDATE, 2015/4/23: The book page is now set up with the changes. You can order "god-chaser," "Complications" and "Yossele" directly from me with payments processed by Paypal (no account required). You can still order all of Robert Arthur Reeves books except "Yossele" through Amazon, along with some journals featuring our poetry. Also check out the new digital poetry page for a free ebook of "Yossele" and free audio poetry from "Complications" and "Hush."

ORIGINAL MESSAGE: I’m taking “Yossele: a tale in poems” (chapbook) and “Complications” (CD) off of Amazon in a couple weeks, but don’t worry ;), you’ll still be able to get both through or in person.

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