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Robert Arthur Reeves

Grade A: the dreamless

September 20, 2015

Written in Albuquerque (living at 511-J Girard SE with Leora Reeves, teaching at UNM and Albuquerque Technical-Vocational Institute, later Central New Mexico Community College), September I think, 1994.  This is imaginary apart from the torn tooth, which I had to have pulled right around this time.  I’d just taken part in the inaugural poetry feature at Bad Ass Coffee, which turned out also to be the final one, and consciously imitated in the poem the styles of the five other poets I read with, who included Lisa Gill and Jim Stewart.  I have no recollection of what specific things were meant to suggest which poets.  Avoidance of caps was a discipline and/or affectation for several more years.  Published in my books Too Little to Kill and Wings of the Gray Moon.

the dreamless


merely an almond of springy green ice

that rode her breath

now bouncing behind the scoop at her neck’s base

now warbling onto the rear of her tongue

merely selected sight selected touches

she followed in her

but he was following shine on kneecap & ankle

the lamp not near enough

he was far from an electrician

could not rearrange the wiring in the walls


merely the dull flannel sheet receiving the back

cold white back the white

of game pausing in headlights

wistfulness for Southern skin

merely swung shimmer where metal on it slicks the dark

so warm in its slick steam comes off it

but he was losing the smell of her hair

from smelling it too deeply

& to clear a way back he shifted snorting

to the side away from her


merely a simmer now of the loud light in the beerglass

the lost count of whose round it should be

the slyer & slyer ruder & tenderer topics &

whatever other earth grew this night morning

                                                                             merely the hiss

of a wish it weren’t so late to ship him off

so she can sleep away one more bad move

but he is learning her by heart

& tomorrow beats in him

like the pulse in a torn tooth

when he will wear her to the world like a badge

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Sari Krosinsky

New Books: Courting Hunger and A God's Life

September 26, 2015

The two books I've been working on over the past 11 years are at last ready to be released in November. Through fictionalized autobiography, "Courting Hunger" explores love, family, friendship, identity, sex, drugs, rock & roll, sickness & health. In "A God's Life," an exiled spy god working at a queer video store in Washington Heights reflects on his past loves and wars and tries not to start any new ones.

To be among the first readers and help fund publication, check out the Kickstarter campaign, ending Sunday, Oct. 11.

Book cover images
In "A God's Life" and "Courting Hunger," an exiled spy god and a human deal with their addiction to loving doomed mortals.


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