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Robert Arthur Reeves

Grade A: Near

September 18, 2016

Birmingham, AL, December 2000:  addressed to Leisha Hultgren.  Written on my third and final trip to Alabama to be with Leisha.  The phrase “mother’s water” is lifted from a poem of Mary Rechner’s, “First Water.”  Published in my books The Closed Shrine and Wings of the Gray Moon.



On the travelling globe

any staying is a going.


The beaked shoulderblade

cresting hot beneath your pajamatop

beneath my palm

already clacks flat in a grave

and still coalesces in a womb

out of mother’s water.


If I forget to rest,

this is because

I’m being carried.

If I shun movement,

this is because

your blood breathes fine and pink

against my hug.


Once I stood before you

before my bath

and you wound the burning smudge

around me naked,

and everything under my nostrils

became sweet, but still

a sweet of burning.

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Sari Krosinsky

Watch Our Farewell Reading to New Mexico

August 23, 2016

It took us a while to get the captions right, but the video from our last New Mexico reading is finally ready!

Meanwhile, I'm loving our new home in Bremerton, WA, despite the lack of a local poetry reading. We'll have to venture to Seattle for poetry soon.

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