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Robert Arthur Reeves

Grade A: singing iron

April 24, 2016

Written in Albuquerque (Mesa SE), February 2000.  I got accused of displacing the Indo-Europeans or somebody to the beginning of the Iron Age;  but the poem doesn’t refer to any particular barbarian hordes.  It’s a farewell to my own inner warrior, I think.  Published in my books The Closed Shrine and Wings of the Gray Moon.

singing iron


Enticed by iron

we laid our bronze in tombs

(only its sound was sharp to us now)

& we roamed ahead.


Black iron with red edges

seen before a sun

steeping prairies running down

to cities on rivers,

quick travel for iron wheels—


we could only praise the dead

by leaving them behind

with their blunt & bending things

& with our forges.

We showed our teeth

around our voices

singing iron.

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Sari Krosinsky

Reading on 4/23, Releasing New Chapbook with Poems from the Locked Ward

April 17, 2016

Cover image for the chapbook "Call Me Crazy"
Download the free ebook

I'm reading at Los Griegos Library this Saturday (details below), and I'll be giving away a limited number of zine-style copies of my new chapbook, "Call Me Crazy," which deals with my three stints (so far) on a psychiatric ward in 2012 and 2013. Click here to download the ebook version. I'll also read from "Courting Hunger," "A God's Life," "god-chaser" and a few favorite poets.

More details about the reading:

Celebrate National Poetry Month at Los Griegos Library (map) with a round robin open mic on Saturday, April 23, 10:30 a.m. to noon. This month's host and featured reader is Sari Krosinsky.

Sari is a writer, artist, Maude activist, and novice gamemaker. Ze has written three books of poetry and publishes Fickle Muses, an online journal of mythic poetry, fiction and art. Sari lives in Albuquerque, N.M., with zir partner, Robert Arthur Reeves.

This is the final reading in a monthly series at Los Griegos Library that began during National Poetry Month 2015. Participants are invited to remain at the end of the reading to discuss the possibility of continuing the series at another venue.

RSVP (optional) on Facebook or Meetup.

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